Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pictures Speak Louder...

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth more than a thousand words.  So with that in mind, we'll keep the words to a minimum and let these pictures do the talking as we recap the past two months.  The summer keeps us just as busy as the school year with our kids in swim lessons, summer school, gymnastics, tot lot, family bike rides, play dates, and more.  Plus we are only a week away from Collin's 2nd birthday and VBS.
Happy Mother's Day!
Once Brielle watched her big brother ride a two wheeler, she was not too far behind!
She's got it down pretty well.  Though she has taken a few pretty painful face-first falls to the black pavement which resulted in a couple mouthfuls of blood and even a damaged front tooth!
 Collin helped himself to the lotion container one morning while Mom decided to take a shower.
Isaiah graduated from 4K!
Happy Father's Day!
Mommy & Daddy snuck away back to God's country in northern MN (minus the children, thanks Grandma Sue) for a wonderful wedding and weekend on the lake.
We spent a great 4th of July as a family and with good friends as we headed to a nearby town and enjoyed a parade, a picnic in the park, free bounce houses and pony rides, a trip to Dairy Queen and a night of fireworks.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa are comin to town

We were blessed with a visit from Grandma and Grandpa last week.  We had some cold rainy weather, so we had to think of things to do inside.  Most of those things included eating, but who doesn't love to eat!?!  Here are some highlights (actually, these are the activities that I remembered my camera for!)

We went back to the "rainbow place" that we visited during our spring break week. 

Who wouldn't buy lemonade from this cute little boy!

We just wanted ONE nice picture.


They tried to go down the slide didn't work out so well.
We went to our favorite greenhouse for their earth day celebration.  We planted green beans and made seed balls.

Isaiah and Grandma getting their supplies together.

Spraying the paper towel

Finished!  Now we wait for them to grow!

Ready to make seed balls, or just play in the dirt.

Such concentration

We even got balloon animals!!!
Collin popped his before we even walked away from the balloon guy!
Our last day together we went mini-golfing.  I think this was Brielle's first time golfing!  I know for sure it was Collin's!
Learning to golf

Isaiah learning.

Collin just loves balls, and he had more fun picking up everyone else's balls.  (which made a few people not so happy)

It's in the hole

In the wiener mobile

The hotdog slide is always a hit!

Helping Collin hit the ball......

and then fishing it out of the water because Daddy hit it too hard.

He is really good at putting! 
Finally, the last picture of the visit and it's a pretty good one.
We had a really nice visit and we are already counting the sleeps until they can come back!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

He has Risen

We are so blessed to not only have a Lord who died a horrific death for us, but rose to prepare an eternal place for us!  We are blessed with children who are happy and healthy, a house to live in and 70 degree weather on this special day. 

Let me back up....Saturday we went to our local greenhouse for their annual Easter egg hunt. 

Brielle said, "I guess I was faster!"

Look at our eggs Mom!

My peanut
Everyone was up at the crack of dawn, so after we tore apart our Easter baskets and Dad left for work, we got ready for church.  We actually made it to 8 am service!!!!  This guy is such a ham!

I can't believe how grown up she looks!

Collin was pretty hungry for breakfast, and was pretty angry that I took away his snack for this picture.

Here is a nicer one after church.

Daddy and his girl

ready to find the eggs the bunny left for us.

This one is for you Kate Simmons

the big kids helping Collin

He tripped and spilled his basket


Bet you can't get that one!?!

But he did!!!

She shook each one!

Collin, the kid who loves sweets, stole the jelly beans and ate them when he wasn't supposed to.  I guess it was a black one!

I hope that this Easter day finds you surrounded by loved ones rejoicing in our risen king!