Monday, April 14, 2014

So much to say

So much has happened in the last month, I have been meaning to get to this blog for a few weeks now!

In the middle of March we had our spring break.  I decided to make spring break an adventure.  We had an "adventure" a each day. 
Monday we went to the zoo for the first time this year.

ready for an adventure


she is into posing lately




The boys
It was supposed to be 60 degrees but turned out to be pretty cold while we were at the zoo....some spring break huh?
Tuesday we went to a showroom of rainbow play systems.  It costs 6.00 to play for the day.  They have 26 of their backyard "jungle gyms" set up to play on, as well as 2 trampolines.  The kids had a blast and wanted to go back the next day!
Wednesday was our swimming day!  We headed to the indoor pool to have some fun.  I wish I would have brought my camera, because they are so much fun in the water!
Thursday was a big adventure, since it was also Daddy's day off.  We headed south to the boarder and headed into IL.  We went to a new children's museum.  It was a lot of fun!

It was even fun for Mom and Dad!

Doing the high jump

This was a game where you were a virtual soccer goalie and had to block balls by watching the screen in front of you.  It was challenging but really fun!

They had sports equipment that you could try on.

Pitching a ball

It told you how fast you pitched.  Isaiah spent most of his time here trying to beat his own high score of 17. 

Of course this kid would find the balls

and the water! 

They had water guns that you could squirt at each other.

driving the train

And the bus

operating a crane
old school telephones!!!  They have never seen these!!!

This girl can change a tire with the best of them!

and look cute doing it!

He petted the fake dog.

All I could think of was the movie 'Big'

Learning about combining

the view from a combine

He loves cows.  So much I guess he felt it needed a kiss!

Learning about milking cows

See, I was there!

Sitting in a tractor. 

They really are in there!!!
Friday, the forecast was 100 % rain, so we spent the day's adventure inside.  We had a special "frozen" day.  We made frozen popsicles, frozen fruit smoothies, frozen food for lunch, and watched the movie Frozen.  Collin lasted until the food was gone, Brielle missed the middle part, and Isaiah asked to turn it off 3 times.  My kids are just not movie watchers!
Saturday we had to stay home.  Steve had to work and I had to do some laundry!  It really piles up in a week!!!  But the Badgers played in the Final 4 game so we dressed up to cheer them on.  Sadly they lost in a hard fought game.

I told you she likes to pose!
I have more to blog and LOTS more pictures, but morning will come all too soon.  Check back for pictures of our Easter Eggstravaganza! 


Friday, March 28, 2014


As I write this, it is a gloomy day that would be normal in November, but it is March!  The weather station said it is supposed to be 60 on Sunday, but I am still skeptical.  My day was brightened up by digging through old pictures of last summer and the pictures that were on my camera.  I thought I would share the latest!

The kids and I spent a weekend at my Mom's house a few weeks ago.  It was so much fun to hang out with Grandma!
Brielle and Collin using the lift chair

His face cracks me up!

My sister came to visit while we were there too.  The cousins had a fun time playing together.


He LOVED playing with her!  He even told me that he wished she could live at our house.

Missing 2 cousins : (

Collin is a hugger!  We have to watch out for this one!
We celebrated Steve's birthday, but he ate too many sweets at work to have this cake.

Showing off his new hair cut

We are looking forward to going outside and playing in GREEN grass.  I am ready for the hot sun to kill all of the germs in our house!!!!  We have been bombarded with them lately.  Last week we took Collin in due to possible pink eye.  Turns out he had the remnants of bronchitis (which he had for 2 weeks prior), an ear infection AND pink eye!  He had to be put back on the nebulizer, eye drops, and antibiotics.  Today Brielle got a sudden fever that spiked to 104.  Now after putting the kids to bed, Isaiah has already been up with scary dreams.  Whew....could be a long night!  At least Collin is on the mend!