Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Caught up

Now I know 2 posts in one day, but after this, we are caught up!

Right after Collin's birthday we had two very special guests, Great Grandma and Uncle Carl.  What fun we had!

Isaiah was teaching Great Grandma all about his Leap Pad

We went to Little America Amusement park 2 times since it was so much fun!
our selfie

the train ride is the BEST

I think we may have scarred Collin for life! 

Guess not!

The rollercoaster was another favorite!  It was SO jerky!!!!!

Collin rode the fire trucks like a boss!!!  He rang the bell many times!

And they loved the cars!

We waited in line forever to go down the tiger slide.  It was pretty cool, but it was a long wait!

Then of course we had to celebrate Collin's birthday with Great Grandma and Uncle Carl.  My Mom also came since she wasn't able to come the week before.

Playing games with Great Grandma

Collin helped me make chocolate chip cookies to send with them as they drove home.
We miss them and wish that we could spend every day with them!!!!

Happy Birthday

Wow, exactly one month late to the game.....

Well, one month ago it was Collin's birthday.  Since VBS started on the same day, Collin didn't get the full excitement of his day.  Don't get me wrong, we tried to squeeze it all in but....
After his nap we sang happy birthday and asked him to blow out the candle, but instead he threw up right after this picture. 
He ended up having a fever and cuddling for the rest of the afternoon.

We tried again the next day, and it went much better!!

He opened a few presents and was SO happy to FINALLY have a backpack like the big kids!  His face beamed!

We had a small party for him as well, after VBS ended.
The Planes Cake

We flew rubber band airplanes in the back yard

What a Sconnie boy!  He loves his beer. (it is empty)

Trying to get points by flying it through the poles.

Digging through the "clouds" (shaving cream) for coins.

Steve taught him how to clap your hands full of shaving cream.  He thought it was SO funny!

After the activities we headed inside for some in flight supper.

and cake!

Goodie bags....packed in real barf bags.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pictures Speak Louder...

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth more than a thousand words.  So with that in mind, we'll keep the words to a minimum and let these pictures do the talking as we recap the past two months.  The summer keeps us just as busy as the school year with our kids in swim lessons, summer school, gymnastics, tot lot, family bike rides, play dates, and more.  Plus we are only a week away from Collin's 2nd birthday and VBS.
Happy Mother's Day!
Once Brielle watched her big brother ride a two wheeler, she was not too far behind!
She's got it down pretty well.  Though she has taken a few pretty painful face-first falls to the black pavement which resulted in a couple mouthfuls of blood and even a damaged front tooth!
 Collin helped himself to the lotion container one morning while Mom decided to take a shower.
Isaiah graduated from 4K!
Happy Father's Day!
Mommy & Daddy snuck away back to God's country in northern MN (minus the children, thanks Grandma Sue) for a wonderful wedding and weekend on the lake.
We spent a great 4th of July as a family and with good friends as we headed to a nearby town and enjoyed a parade, a picnic in the park, free bounce houses and pony rides, a trip to Dairy Queen and a night of fireworks.